tech and teach and Florida bring umbrella and subsidiary brands together.

Branding, Corporate Design, Strategy

“Let’s organise a programming workshop for girls!”

This initiative in 2016 was the first step for tech and teach. Originally started as a coding school for children, the non-profit organisation has continued to develop over the years and has opened up new target groups and initiatives.

Since then, tech and teach gGmbH has been working in a large network of educational partners, schools, commercial enterprises and technology companies.

In 2023, the time has now come for a holistic redesign of the tech ans teach umbrella brand and the subsidiary brands codingschule and coding for tomorrow that reflects the values, target groups and the respective focus of the tasks.

Based on one of the simplest and most original forms of digital data processing, all three brands were transferred into a contemporary design based on the look of the punch card. The reference to the punch card places the brands’ achievements in a historical context that has been undergoing a transformative process for decades. The combination of organic and technical forms symbolises the ever-increasing dialogue between man and machine.

Three brands – one vision.

Future skills for life – this is the challenge that not only the umbrella brand tech & teach, but also the sub-brands codingschule and coding for tomorrow want to take on. With an independent but also common language, the three brands can communicate their values and tasks holistically and benefit from each other’s strengths.

tech and teach – understand, design, develop

tech and teach is a non-profit educational company with the aim of imparting skills to people so that they can understand and shape the rapidly changing digital world. The initiatives and educational programmes are aimed at children and young people, teachers and adults in further education.

The umbrella brand takes on the task of communicating with ministries, applying for funding and other operational business.

codingschule – Develop Your Skills

The Codingschule initiative uses several programmes to teach IT skills to different groups. In addition to workshops and courses, there are further training programmes lasting several months that qualify students for a career start in IT.

The target groups are private payers, corporate customers and jobseekers.

coding for tomorrow – The hub for digital education

Coding For Tomorrow was launched in 2017 by the Vodafone Foundation Germany and has been run entirely by tech and teach since 2022. In close cooperation with the Foundation’s Think Tank, new teaching formats are being developed that reflect the study results on current educationally relevant topics.

The target groups are pupils from primary school to year 10, teachers and educational professionals and all types of schools, including schools of all types. Special needs schools.

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