Pink Floyd, the Dortmund U and Florida make common cause on “Their Mortal Remains”.

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From Dortmund to the world and the world in Dortmund: Brands benefit from attention-grabbing lighthouse projects. They clarify the brand promise and transport values and vision into people’s consciousness. In 2018, Dortmunder U brought the international exhibition “THE PINK FLOYD EXHIBITION – THEIR MORTAL REMAINS” to Dortmund, underscoring their progressive understanding of cultural marketing and the brand’s international aspirations. A blueprint for the local and regional, as well as the national and international art and cultural landscape.

Together with the marketing team from Dortmunder U, Florida Brand Design was able to implement the following projects:

– General project management over the entire duration of the exhibition
– Support in the processing of the holistic marketing concept
– Planning, coordination and implementation “The Fall into U”-180° Dome – Juicy Beats
– Curation and graphic support “Pink Floyd Club Experience
– Preparation of and advice on award submissions and marketing reports


For the time of the exhibition, everyone belonged to the Pink Floyd community. With a reach from local to international, the exhibition not only attracted numerous visitors, but also brought Pink Floyd to the center of the worldwide art and culture world.

Target group

With their gigantic stage shows, Pink Floyd not only tore down the wall on stage, but also opened the audience’s understanding of a universal form of art performance: music, light, theater, design and film merged into a fascinating unity.

With the exhibition “THEIR MORTAL REMAINS”, the Dortmunder U took up this concept and made it their goal to address all people who can find themselves in the universal cosmos of Pink Floyd and get excited about it.

Marketing concept

From subculture to blockbuster, from classic to out-of-the-box: these were the areas of tension in which the exhibition’s marketing was to move. Above and Below, Digital and Analog – surprisingly different.

International poster campaigns were followed by attention-grabbing art installations and tie-ins with the local cultural scene. Digital premium content completed a versatile marketing mix.

A unique project deserves exceptional marketing

Thus, not only through a holistic Above & Below the Line campaign model, but also through surprising out-of-the-box events, an entire region was under the spirit of Pink Floyd, thus placing the Dortmund U at the center of the cultural landscape. Through the joint work of all actors, a project has emerged that is not only allowed to report and impress during the exhibition period, but also in the long term.

Planning, coordination and implementation “The Fall into U”-180° Dome – Juicy Beats

Inspired by the creative diversity of the band, the 180° virtual reality documentary “The Fall into U” was created as part of the exhibition – an immersive journey through the band’s history with clear links to the Pink Floyd history in Dortmund and the current continuation in the Dortmunder U. In it, Dortmund record dealer Detlef Müller (Amsterdam Record Shop) tells of his first encounter with Pink Floyd. An animated journey through the visual and musical band catalog begins and finally ends at the Dortmunder U.

At the Juicy Beats Festival, about 50,000 visitors* had the opportunity to see the film as a 180° installation. A dome equipped with five projectors allowed potential exhibition visitors to experience the creative violence of the band in a unique way and also provided information about “THEIR MORTAL REMAINS” at the Dortmunder U.

All Images Copyright Roland Baege

Curation and graphic support “Pink Floyd Club Experience

Listen to jazzy sounds from the Dark Side of the Moon, combine beats and rhymes with Pink Floyd or just puzzle in the pub. Together with the Dortmunder U we organized the event series “The Pink Floyd Club Experience” as part of the Pink Floyd exhibition “Their Mortal Remains”. A must-see, not only for fans.

With their groundbreaking combination of music, film, design and live experience, the band Pink Floyd has influenced generations of fans and continues to inspire people today. “The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains” told the story in the multimedia experiential exhibition.

The “Pink Floyd Club Experience” presented artists* who dealt with the musical legacy of the band in changing Dortmund clubs. The palette ranged from a jazz interpretation of “Dark Side of the Moon” at domicil to a hip-hop beat battle at Tanzcafé Oma Doris with sounds from the band to a theater production about the tragic story of Syd Barrett at the “Rekorder”. There was also a Pink Floyd record and poster exchange, a pub quiz and lots of parties.

The events in detail:

– Pink Floyd record and poster exchange @ Balke
– Look ahead – Beatbattle / Liveact / Party@ Tanzcafé Oma Doris
– Theater-Clubabend@ Rekorder
– Rock it! Pink Floyd Warmup@ Großmarktschänke
– Nguyen Le – Celebrating The Dark Side Oft The Moon @ domicil
– 30+ Too Old To Die Young – Pink Floyd Edition @ FZW
– The Dorf plays Ummagumma @ domicil
– The Final Cut – Pink Floyd Tributeband @ Musiktheater Piano
– The Pink Floyd pub quiz @ Zum Schlips

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