Florida develops a communication concept and design for a functioning visitor guidance system for the 42 spoil tips in the Ruhr metropolis.

Guidance System

The former spoil heaps of the coal mining industry not only represent important spatial elements of the Metropole Ruhr, they also form the ridges of the otherwise rather flat region and are thus points of attraction for leisure, sport, recreation and tourism.

Despite the large number of slagheaps and the size of the areas, there is a lack of up-to-date and uniform signage for information and visitor guidance in many places.

Florida is therefore developing an overarching, uniform communication concept for the slagheaps as well as the associated visitor centres and a fully comprehensive design for the planned guidance and orientation elements.

Strengthening the public perception of the slagheaps as landmarks and increasing their attractiveness for tourists

The elaborated design enables a target group-oriented approach, low barrier orientation and touristic guidance of the different users. The basis for this is the reduced use of colour and design elements, which enables clear communication even when a lot of content is to be conveyed.

Design grid for easier implementation

We have developed a design grid for the information signs, signposts and various panels, which will later allow for easier adaptation to all 42 slagheaps.

Symbols as a “second language”

The use of pictograms fulfils several functions in this design. On the one hand, they serve as a second language, as some of the slagheaps also have a touristic function. On the other hand, they have a duty to protect the various user groups (e.g. hikers, horse riders or mountain bikers).

Slagheaps as tourist destinations in the Ruhr area with a local recreation factor

The main communication goals of giving tourists an overview of where they are and what can be discovered, while still improving the attractiveness and welcoming culture of the Metropole Ruhr, are fulfilled by the newly created image.

A uniform colour scheme or the use of the same material creates a harmonious overall appearance, despite the multitude of possible combinations.

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