FRAM Science & Travel – A passion for nature, science and adventure.

Branding, Corporate Design, Development, Logo Design, Webdesign

“Fram” – Norwegian for forward: For the brand identity of the Bochum-based company, we had to move mountains, overcome raging rivers and flee from wild polar bears.

Like the research vessel FRAM in its day, the company also sees itself as a platform for explorers, adventurers and scientists. FRAM Science & Travel aims to provide access to scientifically motivated research trips and expeditions for all interested parties.

FRAM employees offer detailed insights into their work and enable unique experiences at unique locations. The primary concern is to recognize the central relationships in ecology and the connections between natural and cultural environments as chronological history. On selected excursions FRAM imparts knowledge about the excursion destinations and the fascination for nature and culture.

Off to the adventure.

Compass, mountain or tent? The design of the new word/figurative mark leaves the necessary room for interpretation for the avid adventurer and scientist to get a feel for the brand and offering.

From the digital experience out into the world.

Digital first: Which excursion suits me? Where do I want to explore nature and wilderness? Which country would I like to travel to? On the FRAM website you can set the first course for the next adventure.

“Experiences of nature are nowadays, in our fast and networked world, delivered to our living rooms via all kinds of media, so that we have almost become immune to the effect of the numerous spectacular images. Nature is reduced to a consumer good, the experience to a media event. We are in the process of losing touch with our actual habitat. How are we supposed to protect something we hardly know anymore?

Dr. André Baumeister // Founder FRAM Science & Travel

Experience in brand communication as well.

A design system based on the language of nature not only translates the brand’s philosophy visually, but also addresses potential adventurers and enthusiastic customers in a targeted manner.

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