Pretty in Pink: How to anchor an extraordinary event in people’s minds through design

Art and culture, Claim Development, Curation, Event Design, Projectmanagement

The Kulturmeile event transforms Dortmund’s city center into a hotspot for art and culture for one weekend. With a variety of free offers, it invites you to experience and participate in the diversity of the local cultural institutions. Workshops, lectures, live acts and guided tours provide an exciting walk full of activity and entertainment along the Mile across the City.

Florida Brand Design developed a graphic identity that stands out and reflects the radiance of this special event.

Kulturmeile logo variations collection on magenta background
Various banners in front of the Dortmund U
Different Kulturmeile media in one venue
A little boy in a child trailer, next to him a couple of jute bags with Kulturmeile imprint

From the top view, the scene of the Kulturmeile, Dortmund’s city center, is clearly framed by the Wallring. Its dynamic contour becomes the basis for the word mark, headlines and image masks in the design and thus fits ideally into the lively overall image of the event.

A small group of people moving along Kulturmeile posters

A loud and extraordinary design

With the full-surface use of the color magenta, we created an attention-grabbing basis that, in combination with the dynamic word mark, blends into a fresh, distinctive look. Thanks to a large-scale poster campaign, the Kulturmeile Dortmund has become an unmistakable part of the cityscape and remains in the minds of visitors.

A collection of Kulturmeile print media
A magenta floor marking with Kulturmeile lettering
Title page of the Kulturmeile flyer
Inside section of the Kulturmeile flyer
Kulturmeile Website

Link to the website of the Kulturmeile Dortmund

Lettering in front of the Dormunde U: "Make a note now: Kulturmeile 2024 am 11.+12.05. - we look forward to seeing you!"

Photos: Mareen Meyer, Willi Bauerfeld

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