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Lea Bünger from SFS answers three questions for us after the rebranding of the brand.

Lea Bünger, Head of Product Development at our customer SFS – Science for Safety, answers three questions for us following the successful rebranding of the brand.

1. Hello Ms. Bünger, what has changed for the SFS company since the relaunch of the brand?

Thanks to the cooperation with Florida, we have learned to be proud of our strengths and to consciously communicate them to the outside world. Defining what potential differentiates us from the competition and what things make us as a company did us good. We appear more confident and clear in the market through the work with Florida and the subsequent relaunch.

We have had consistently positive feedback from our existing customers after the changeover and have also received more value-added inquiries about individual products, projects, and other strengths. In a nutshell: The company has remained the same, but now the world knows who we are!

2. What is important to you when working with an agency?

2. What is important to you when working with an agency? We needed an agency to give us a good head’s up like Florida and take us by the hand to make it a real step forward. We particularly liked the creative, uncomplicated and always reliable exchange with consistently very good work. We are pleased that Florida continues to support us with small projects even after the big changeover and is always available to advise us.

3. From your experience, what would you advise other companies to do with visual and strategic communication?

We have recognized how important this aspect can be for a company and can only advise to face up to it. Because only when strengths are communicated to the outside world can they work for the company. We consider the help of an agency to be indispensable!

There is no point in “doctoring” individual construction sites, the overall appearance and the strategic orientation of the company are decisive. Without outside help and the lively and constructive exchange of ideas during the entire project, we would not have succeeded in making this leap.

Thank you very much Mrs. Bünger!

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