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How to anchor corporate social responsibility & sustainability as a brand agency in everyday office life

In a fast-paced office environment and in an industry where print products are still being produced by the metre, we tend to forget that we can also do our bit to make the world a better place. Even if we don’t change everything, there are many small things that make the difference.

At our agency, sustainability is anchored in the entire design process. We see this as a voluntary contribution to sustainable development that goes beyond the legal requirements. In our interest as well as in the interest of our customers.

Where possible, we are increasingly developing digital media for our customers as an alternative to traditional print products or extending out-of-home media by integrating QR codes, augmented reality or other multimedia content. This saves resources and the content can be played out for longer without having to produce it again.

In development and production, we think about alternative materials and production techniques, and this applies to marketing, packaging and subsequent disposal or recycling. For print media, we use sustainable and recycled materials such as PEFC-certified paper wherever possible. We produce giveaways and merchandise such as jute bags, clothing and the like from organic cotton or Fairtrade materials.

We rely on local service providers/print shops for all productions in order to keep transportation distances to a minimum. We have also known the producers in our network, their processes and our own sustainability measures for years. The majority of our partner print shops work in an energy-saving manner or use renewable energies.

Our customers’ advertising media are designed to be renewed or upcycled. On request, we can provide discarded roll-up systems, for example.

Within our organization, the entire team assumes social responsibility:

  • Reduced business travel
  • Avoiding waste by using Soda Stream and shopping in our neighboring unpackaged store Füllbar
  • Waste separation
  • Sustainable cleaning agents
  • Our employees travel from the immediate vicinity and almost exclusively use bicycles, cargo bikes or local public transport. This alone saves us 7kg of CO2 per day
  • Reduction of printouts and copies on recycled paper
  • Use of green electricity
  • Regular donations to the Well:Fair Foundation (Neven Subotic Stiftung)

Of course, we do not want to engage in greenwashing here and understand that it is sometimes economically necessary for both us and our customers to use other methods. Then we recommend or make offsetting payments ourselves, most recently for Plant for the Planet and atmosfair. This is possible in an uncomplicated and unbureaucratic way.

How important is sustainability to your company? Do you attach importance to social responsibility when selecting your service providers? Drop us a Mail or discuss with us on Instagram.

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