Project presentation | 12.12.2022 |

Pitch situations are always something special, especially when you lose. For the Nam June Paik exhibition “I Expose the Music” at the Dortmunder U, we designed an interactive, sound-based poster that creates the perfect combination of light, sound and interaction in the spirit of the artist.

The concept is based on the artwork “Participation TV”, in which visitors can distort a visualized oscilloscope by voice. For Paik, interaction was an elementary component of his work, which is why we have further developed the classic poster and given visitors the opportunity to individualize and participate.

Operating the screen controls an oscilloscope that generates waveforms in the colors of an old tube television. By overlaying the branding elements, individual posters are created that can be designed on your own smartphone.

Unfortunately, this beautiful idea will never be realized.

The application was implemented together with Max Schweder in Cables GL.

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