Wayfinding and orientation systems

We develop barrier-free
wayfinding and orientation systems.

We specialize in the development of innovative and individual wayfinding systems. Our wayfinding systems are intuitive and user-friendly to ensure that visitors can navigate public spaces quickly and easily. We develop accessible communication online and offline according to WCAG 2.1 level.

We attach great importance to scalability and flexibility. Our wayfinding systems are able to keep pace with the changing needs of our customers and offer the possibility of integrating future architectural changes and technologies.

Orientation: In an orientation system, it is highly relevant for visitors to know where they are at all times, which direction they need to take to reach their destination and to show them the option of leaving the location again at any time. A good orientation system not only helps people find their way around with overview maps that show the current location, but above all with unmistakable features, clear communication and aesthetics.

Inform: The information system includes all signs and information elements that are not used to mark locations or provide orientation. Not only formal information such as opening hours, house rules or general safety instructions are provided, but also background information on current events and facilities, as well as tips on possible activities in the building or direct addresses to visitors.

Activate: The wayfinding system of public buildings and squares can begin outside the actual area, e.g. at traffic junctions, in public transportation or on roads. The focus here is on the progressive activation of potential visitors. The wayfinding system takes on a hybrid function between orientation and promotional activation. The design to be developed must enable both purposes and addresses without alienating the character of the building.


Research & Strategy

  • Modeling user flows
  • Usability research
  • Data analytics
  • User surveys
  • Location audit
  • Focus groups
  • Signpost strategy
  • System architecture
  • Naming strategy
  • Cost modeling
  • Long-term vision

Planning & Design

  • Engagement of interest groups
  • Public involvement
  • Communication campaigns
  • Roadmaps for implementation
  • Positioning and planning
  • Preliminary studies
  • Writing content
  • Design of information
  • Graphic design of the environment
  • Mapping design & cartography
  • Experience Design
  • Digital design
  • Inclusive and barrier-free design
  • BIM, Revit and 3D visualization
  • Planning the implementation

Implementation & documentation

  • Schedules
  • Print template production
  • Training for the production of print templates
  • Documentation of the standards
  • Digital implementation
  • Management of mapping systems
  • Management services
  • Sign production and quality control on site
  • Evaluation after installation

Selected works

Customer selection:

  • Dortmunder U
  • Development Bank Ghana
  • apoBank
  • Fraunhofer Institut
  • LKJ
  • Spektrum Verlag
  • Regionalverband Ruhr
  • Stadtmarketing Schwerte
  • Ruhr Nachrichten
  • Smartstore
  • BFBF
  • Fachhochschule Dortmund
  • Neven Subotic Stiftung
  • Cube 5
  • Ruhr Universität
  • SFS Science for Safety
  • hgi Institut
  • Stadt Dortmund
  • Sipgate
  • The Pink Floyd Exhibition
  • CSCP
  • Process Festival
  • Freytag & Petersen
  • FRAM
  • Wirtschaftsförderungszentrum Lünen
  • Naturmuseum Dortmund
  • Museum Ostwall
  • Scientific American
  • Stadt Schwerte
  • Spektrum.de
  • ADN Group
  • Planerladen e. V.
  • Bäckerei Beckmann
  • Stadtwerke Herne
  • Leibniz-Institut
  • Lünen.Business

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