The time is now. Florida supports apoBank in the brand relaunch.

Branding, Corporate Design, Design Manual, Logo Design, Strategy

After winning the pitch, Florida accompanies the corporate design relaunch of the Düsseldorf-based apoBank.

The task was to visually and strategically implement apoBank’s sharpened and focused strategy and thus create a new, fresh and consistent brand image that accompanies the bank in its digital as well as entrepreneurial transformation process and equips it for the future.

In addition to a complete redesign of all print, web & video media, comprehensive and meaningful corporate design manuals were developed, enabling the company to collaborate with other service providers and agencies as easily as possible.

From a letter with a story to a trademark with promise.

apoBank enables health care professionals to follow their vocation by offering its customers a clear basis and perspective in a confident and trustworthy manner. The optimized, dynamic circular shape in the logo symbolically focuses on people and the brand promise and confidently demonstrates the comprehensive but also focused consulting approach. The increased graphic and color reduction of the forms of the word/ and figurative mark also illustrates the objective of reducing complexity.

The healthcare professional in focus.

The holistic view across the entire lifecycle of the healthcare professional provides a comprehensive understanding of a unique solution and puts the customer at the center of everything they do. Both the line as a central element and the 360° color world illustrate the holistic approach of apoBank: every private and professional goal of the customers is illuminated by the personal advisors and the best offers for each individual life path are found.

Evolution instead of revolution.

Comprehensive possibilities but uncomplicated handling characterize apoBank’s new design system. The basic principle is: usability through reduction, simplicity and order. A holistic use of the primary brand elements adds maximum brand communication.

Holism and modernity.

The new design combines the brand presence for customers in an uncomplicated way for a clear and uniform presentation of the products and consulting approaches. Digital and analog media, business basics and a comprehensive digital brand guideline form the basis for a modern and holistic brand story.

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