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Ten facts about Florida Brand Design

1. Our offer:

Florida Brand Design develops communication strategies, corporate designs and holistic digital brand stories for national and international clients.

2. Our claim:

We want to shape the leading brands of tomorrow. Transformative creative processes and a changing world are our motivation boosters.

3. Our fields of activity:

In brand development, we specialise in three major themes: 1. strategic analysis and advice, 2. visual design at the corporate basel, 3. the elaboration of the brand experience from print to digital to virtual reality.

4. The human being in focus:

Our work strives for the balance of form and function. The focus is always on people, the brand and the question of how their interaction can strengthen our environment.

5. Who we are:

We are experts, service providers and easy to inspire. We value aesthetics, function and that “little bit extra”.

6. Who we work for:

3. the elaboration of the brand experience from print to digital to virtual reality. We are not afraid of new tasks.

7. Who we do not work for:

Don`t work with Assholes – e.g. people with tendencies towards racist, homophobic or sexist views.

8. The long run:

Long-term cooperations achieve the best results. We are happiest with partnerships that look after brands for years and take them to the next level.

9. A rolling stone gathers no moss:

We strive for creative, personal and economic progress. This is the only way we can fulfil our performance promise and communicate with our customers at eye level.

10. Last, but not least:

Our strategic and creative work is not only important for our clients, but is also at the heart of our services. That’s why our work is never free and rarely gratuitous… 😉

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